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For better, for worse, I got you...


21, student, shy, friends, open minded, optimistic, happy, independant, easily amused, thoughtful, hyper.
Postive, lover of all kinds of music, will love you regardless of gender, race, sexuality or beliefs, kind, caring.
My journal is general rambles and alot of random stuff, I tend to jump from one obsession to the other so my layout and header etc tend to change alot so be aware! :)


Adam Lambert, Paramore, Daughtry, David Cook.
CSI, Movies, Books, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kris Allen, The Killers, Michael Jackson.
Our Lady Peace, Megan Fox, Kate Walsh, Lady Gaga, Bands, Rock Music, Lifehouse, TV Shows, Fashion & Stock, Bright Colors.

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I should inform you I am the Paramore of Livejournal.
Let me tell you I am the Chris Daughtry Of Livejournal.